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Cake shop in Lajpat Nagar
Cake shop in Lajpat Nagar

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best caterers in Delhi

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Main Course

_ _ _
  • Dal Makhani
  • Masala Chap
  • Mix Veg
  • Shahi Paneer
  • Matter Paneer
  • Palak Paneer
  • Matter Paneer
  • Aloo Gobi
  • Dum Aloo
  • Palak Corn
  • Mix Dal
  • Rajma
  • Chana Masala
  • Kadi Pokada


_ _ _
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Paneer Achari Tikka
  • Mushroom Tikka
  • Aloo Achari
  • Kabab
  • Malai Chap
  • Pineapple Tikka
  • Hara Bhara Kabab

Kuch Mitha

_ _ _
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Gajar Ka Halwa
  • Rasgulla
  • Kheer
  • Ice Cream


_ _ _
  • Dahi Bhalla
  • Boondi Raita
  • Vegetable Raita
  • Aloo Raita
  • Pineapple Raita

Chinese Snacks

_ _ _
  • Chilli Honey Potato
  • Chilli Potato
  • Chilli Paneer
  • Chilli Chap
  • Chilli Manchurian
  • Spring Roll
  • Cheese Balls


_ _ _
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Chilli Parantha
  • Naan
  • Stuffed Naan
  • Missi Roti
  • Lachha Parantha
  • Plain Roti


_ _ _
  • Veg Pulao
  • Matter Pulao
  • Veg Biryani
  • Jeera Rice
  • Hyderabadi Biriyani
  • Navratan Pulao


Are you planning a party in Delhi and looking for best caterers in Delhi with reasonable rates?

Are you seeking the best caterers in Delhi NCR for your upcoming event? Your problems have been addressed. We at Chaykala (best caterers in Delhi) provide everything you need for the perfect party, from delivering you the tastiest roadside food options like Chaat, Bhalla Papdi, etc., to Chic Tea Snacks.

Your needs have been taken care of by Chaykala (best caterer in Delhi NCR). We assist you in creating the ideal meal with a top-notch appearance. Wedding Ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, Baby Shower, corporate events, and other special events are covered by our Chaykala (best caterers in Delhi).

We will prepare a delicious meal for your guests when you let us know your preferences, the scale of the gathering, the number of attendees, and any dietary requirements. We at Chaykala (Best caterers in Delhi NCR) understand how to make the event memorable for your guests.

Why we are the best Small party caterers in Delhi

The difficulty is to choose a caterer who fits your budget and tastes. While there are many caterers in Delhi, Chaykala (best caterers in Delhi) stay in touch with you at many levels and attend to your needs to make your celebration memorable. We put together a lavish buffet for your guests with tailored menus, a wide variety of dessert selections, delectable finger foods, and plenty more.

Top Luxury caterers in Delhi

What would be the rates of caterers in Delhi?

Chaykala, the Top luxury caterer in Delhi NCR, specializes in matching its prestigious clientele’s requirements, standards, and preferences. We provide top-notch, cutting-edge, hygienic, extravagant, and appealing food arrangements for 50 to 500 guests for community parties and corporate events. We have the honour of serving diplomats and governmental institutions, major corporations, state administration, as well as individual clientele dwelling in Delhi-NCF’s prime areas.

The rate of best caterers in Delhi varies depending on the event or celebration. Moreover, a few other things influence the pricing. So, getting in touch with us and requesting a quote is crucial. Low-cost catering for a smaller gathering can run between Rs. 700 a plate (vegeterian) . If we talk about a bigger/lavish occasion like a premium party or marriage catering service in Delhi, it generally costs between Rs. 1000 (Non-Vegeterian) a plate. Contact us to find the accurate caterer rates in Delhi.

Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi

Lots of memories are made on a wedding day. Every little detail is carefully considered in order for the wedding to live on in everybody’s fondest recollections. The cuisine that is provided to the attendees on the wedding day conveys the core of the union. Chaykala promises the highest caliber wedding catering services in Delhi. Due to the abundance of wedding caterers in Delhi, choosing the ideal one for your wedding can be challenging. We assist you by providing the most reputable and dependable wedding caterers in Delhi. We can tailor our services to meet the exact needs of your event. Our flexible catering service includes an extensive range of menu options, ranging from simple snacks to buffet catering.

Best Birthday Caterers in Delhi

Birthdays are all about the memories made, and it is always the best when the guest count is high. People like to come together for this special occasion in the happiest way possible. At Chaykala, we provide the most fantastic birthday catering services in Delhi. We offer customized catering plans for birthdays that are both unique and delicious. Nothing can beat the feeling of eating something extraordinary on someone’s birthday. With the help of our chefs, we ensure that you have the best birthday caterer in Delhi. In addition to providing the best catered birthday party in Delhi, we also offer customized birthday cakes. These delicious cakes are baked fresh every day.

What makes the corporate catering services we deliver in Delhi unique?

Your hunt is finished if you’re looking for a reliable caterer to cater an upcoming significant corporate event. Get in touch with Chaykala, the best corporate caterer in Delhi, and your requests will be fulfilled perfectly and carefully. As we know, the best must be served while planning a wonderful formal dinner. 

Despite working with numerous reputable businesses and organizations, we have extensive experience in offering top-notch catering services for corporate events. In addition to exceeding them, we put in our utmost effort to satisfy your anticipated aspirations. We guarantee delicious fare that will wow your visitors and have them drooling over its flavor. Your events will be significant because of our distinctive culinary arrangement, variety of cuisines, and chef’s experience. Your guests will remember you for years to come.

With vivid decor and outstanding arrangements, our best corporate catering services in Delhi/NCR offer a lavish food buffet and delicious cuisine for every corporate event in Delhi that includes a variety of drinks, snacks, salads, entrées, and delicious desserts. We ensure that your lunches and dinner parties are the best and elegantly designed in a business-class manner. We are the finest choice for your corporate events because of our services’ effectiveness and competence. All you have to do is contact our corporate catering professionals in Delhi and tell them about the event. Our team will devise a perfect strategy to make it as extravagant and spectacular as you desire.

Why we consider as the Best Caterers in Delhi

One of the main reasons why Chaykala catering service in Delhi is the best is the quality of food and the excellent service we offer. We have the most diverse selection of multi-cuisines to satisfy any appetite, flavor, and budget. For more information you can checkout our catering menu.

We are located in the heart of the Delhi NCR, and Lajpat Nagar, Saket, Greater Kailash, East Of Kailash, Kailash Colony, Panchsheel Park, and South Delhi are among our service areas. Our team is working across the time to guarantee that your event is successful.

We cater for a broad customer base with the highest security, from  breakfast, lunch and dinner parties to Luxury Wedding ceremonies, Dazzling Cocktails, Special Birthday Parties, and House Parties, to Quality Hi-Tea, Exhibitions, Anniversary celebrations, Baby shower parties, Corporate Events, Office Casual Food, Sports & Religious Occasions.

With a reputation for catering service in Delhi, our objective is to plan honestly, implement with authenticity, and exceed expectations.
Taste our delicacies and gratify your wants for your upcoming occasion if you’re looking for ultimate food satisfaction and want to make your event a memorable one. Our constantly changing foreign and culturally influenced platters will wow you and your guests.

How can you find best caterers in Delhi?

People in Delhi typically work from Mon-Fri and socialize on the Sat-Sun. So, find the top caterer in Delhi and making a decision becomes quite challenging. With a link from a neighbor or colleague, you may get by. However, there’s still the possibility that you won’t get along with the caterer personally. You do lead a hectic life, after all.

A continual tasting process when looking for caterer in Delhi is not practical. It will indeed be prohibitively time-consuming, wouldn’t it? What if we at Chaykala (Best caterers in Delhi) told you there was a simpler method? Simply go to our website and enter your information. Following that, we will call you to gather more details, including your precise needs and spending limits and that’s it. All the best

Few of the best Caterers in Delhi

Moets Catering

Among Delhi’s most well-known and renowned catering companies, Moets Catering was founded in 1965. The finest outdoor wedding caterers in Delhi are none but Moets Catering. This well-known business is well-known for the services it provides to mark many unique celebrations and festivities. They have consistently maintained their ranking among the top 10 global catering companies thanks to their fantastic service, delectable cuisine, and elegant setting.

Moets Catering provides a specific location for exceptional culinary services, as well as can recommend a variety of locations and spectacular landscapes throughout the globe for an ideal setting to celebrate the special occasion. They offer a variety of offerings, each of which will be specifically tailored to what you want and need, either veg or not. They provide an extensive assortment of food choices to enticingly complement your evolving palate.

Red Chilli Caterers

Red Chilli Caterers has a special reputation of being a one-stop shop for any kind of event that their clientele would consider holding. They at Red Chilli Caterers are capable of handling every facets of these sorts of occasions from their inception to completion, whether they are birthdays, marriages, gatherings, reunions, anniversary celebrations, kitty parties, engagements, mehndi, New Year parties, excursions with the family, meetings, forums, corporate events or virtually every sort of event which any of their clients might be thinking of hosting.

S J Caterers

When you have B food as your companion, catering in Delhi is no more a laborious chore. They provide you with the finest meals at reasonable pricing. For the occasion, one may also alter their menu. One of Delhi’s most renowned and well-known caterers is B Food. Marriages, reunions with relatives, and organised celebrations are our areas of expertise.

They are committed to giving their clientele the greatest catering service imaginable by utilising expert chefs, knowledgeable personnel, customised food lists, and exclusive dishes. By serving up exquisite cuisine and flawless service, they hope to make each gathering special.

B food

Among the top wedding caterers in Delhi NCR since 2001 is S J Caterers. Probably best-known and rapidly expanding marriage caterer is S J Caterers. They are Delhi-based genuine vegetarian caterers. They provide Indian food catering for all types of marriage-related events, including birthday celebrations, business events, marriage-related activities, organisational events, and religious gatherings.

Through their upscale catering capabilities, delectable wedding meals, and elegant setups, they have established an impressive and pleasing reputation with their endless clientele. In order to uphold their high norms in the hospitality and catering business, S J Caterers is further committed to providing our customers with high-quality meals made with only the finest produce and seasonings.

Gupta Caterers

Arguably the leading caterers in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad established in 2002, Gupta Caterers offers catering services in Delhi NCR. They are effective, trustworthy, and enthusiastic regarding the cuisine they offer. They have developed a sophisticated and aesthetic method to display food in buffets, boxed meals, and exquisite sit-down settings. Each supper is carefully planned, prepared, and executed using only the best and finest ingredients, which work together to outperform the competition.

The Famous Halwai

The Famous Halwai promotes top-notch catering solutions, creative presentation, and the genuine flavour of each meal. They offer the best catering services in Delhi. Their team of talented chefs works with you to make your special day a stunning reality. Their ultimate aim is to make the occasion unforgettable, and they have the capacity to plan anything from a casual cocktail party for Twenty people to an elaborate celebration for over 5,000 guests.


The price will depend on the size of your event & according to the number of plates that they will serve. The caterer can also charge additional fees for services such as set up and clean up.

You can find the best caterer in Delhi by asking around and by looking at the reviews that other people have written about the caterer. If you are looking for a wedding caterer in Delhi, you can also search online for wedding caterers in Delhi.

There are a number of services that many caterers offer. They handle everything from food presentation to plating to preparation. Even so, it’s crucial to have these information before making a reservation.

A caterer should be able to cater to your needs and provide you with a great experience. You should look for a caterer who has good service and food. They should be willing to work with you on your budget.

When choosing the right caterer for your wedding, look for a caterer who is experienced and has great reviews. You also want to make sure that the caterer offers a variety of food options, such as Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Japanese.

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