11 Imaginative & Simple Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Wedding cake

Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be a joy of two individuals turning married couple. And, what better way to celebrate the start of a new life together than with a wedding cake? Wedding cakes are a sweet and simple way to make a statement about the couple getting married and what they want their guests to remember about their special day. However, there are so many cookie-cutter wedding cakes being created these days, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.  So, in this article, we are going to share with you 11 unique and simple wedding cake design ideas that will spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. If you are looking for some inspiration, these cakes should definitely get your wheels turning.

wedding cake


1. “The Perfect Couple” Wedding Cake Design

This stunning wedding cake design is based on a wedding dress the couple wore to their ceremony. The bride’s dress is shown at the bottom of the cake. The groom is shown in his tuxedo with his arm around his bride, who is in her wedding dress. They are both holding hearts that represent their marriage. The cake is then covered in fondant flowers and has a heart-shaped cake stand.

2. White Wedding Cake Design with Strawberry Filling

This elegant wedding cake has a traditional white frosting and a white fondant cake with a strawberry filling. The cake is decorated with a white satin ribbon and four baker’s twine bow ties. This cake would’ve been amazing in a wedding with such a summery or beach theme. Strawberry filling is one of those things you either love or hate.

But, no matter what, everyone always seems to love the white wedding cake with strawberry filling. This classic design has maintained the passage of time and this will always be trendy for many decades to come. It is also simple, elegant, and classic. Plus, it is guaranteed to please every member of the wedding party, including the bride. This unique and creative design would be perfect for a destination wedding.

wedding cake


3. Dream Wedding Cake Design

This wedding cake has a white and milk chocolate flavor. However, what makes this cake really unique is the texture of the chocolate and its color. It’s just like a chocolate soufflé, and it’s an excellent pick if you really want to try something new. If you love chocolate and milk chocolate, this may be your favourite wedding cake ever.

4. Wedding Cake Design with Pumpkin Pie Filling

Pumpkin pie is one of the most delicious desserts on the planet and is certainly a favourite of pumpkin lovers. From this cake, you would not be dissatisfied. This is a gorgeous creation that has a dark orange and brown cake with a vanilla cream filling and almond icing. This cake also comes in many different flavors and designs. It’s a beautiful compliment to any event, specifically an autumn wedding.

wedding cake


5. Wedding Cakes on stand with Fruit Filling

This elegant wedding cake design is filled with a tropical fruit filling and decorated with a pineapple design on top. The cake is iced with white frosting and has a pineapple heart shaped cake stand. Fresh fruits like cherries, blueberries, and strawberries are being used in this wedding cake.

There are also some candied fruits like kiwi and pineapple. The cake is decorated with a colorful assortment of fresh fruits and fruit skewers. A delicate chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream icing tops delicious fruit-filled cakes. This unique and creative design would be perfect for a summer or beach themed wedding. It also makes an excellent dessert if you are looking for christmas cake design or New Year cake design.

6. A Modern Twist on a Traditional Design for Wedding Cake

This modern twist on a classic wedding cake design has a chocolate cake with white frosting and a chocolate fondant border around the edge. The center of the cake has a white fondant swirl with a heart shape. Inside the heart is a silver mirror that reflects the candle flames. Inside the middle of the cake is indeed a white heart-shaped cake stand. This cake would be perfect for a winter or contemporary wedding.

7. The Black Forest Cake Design of wedding

If you love black forest cake as much as we do, this will be the cake that you create for your special occasion. A chocolate cake with a Choco crème filling and a chocolate ganache frosting is presented. Raw berries are used to cover the edges of the cake. This is one of the most requested wedding cakes and is perfect for any celebration, especially a summer wedding.

8. “I Do” Cake Design for Wedding

This “I Do” cake has a white cake with a vanilla frosting and a vanilla buttercream filling. The cake is covered with a chocolate fondant border and a chocolate fondant swirl. There is a chocolate heart-shaped cake stand in the center of the cake and a chocolate ribbon around the edge. The different types of fondant flowers are used to embellish the cake. This unique and creative design would be perfect for a summer or a romantic winter wedding. It also makes a great dessert. It would have been a delicious dessert.

Images of Wedding Cake

wedding cake


9. The Beach Design of  Wedding Cake

This unique and creative beach wedding cake design has a chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting and a coconut filling. The cake is decorated with a tropical fruit border and a palm tree on top. It also has a pineapple heart-shaped cake stand and a starfish in it. This unusual cake would be perfect for a beach-themed summer wedding. It would also make an excellent dessert.

10. Cream Cheese Frosting on Classic Red Velvet Cake

This classic red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting has a deep red velvet cake with a smooth and creamy vanilla frosting. It has a red velvet border and a star tip. This cake is simple and elegant. Every person in the wedding ceremony, along with the bride, is sure to enjoy it. It’s topped with a red velvet bow. A little heart-shaped cake topper is on the lower tier of the cake. This unique and creative design would be perfect for a romantic winter wedding or Christmas wedding.

11. Multicolored Wedding Cake Design

This unique and creative wedding cake design is a white cake with a red fondant border and a marbled white frosting filling. The cake has a cherry heart-shaped cake stand in the center. There are a variety of different coloured marbles in the frosting. This multi-colored cake would be perfect for a romantic winter wedding or a contemporary wedding. It’s really a fantastic dessert.


There are a variety of wedding cakes to choose from. But, that doesn’t mean your cake has to look like everyone else’s. Take a risk and be different. Be creative. Think outside the box. Your attendees will recall you over years if you put some uniqueness to your cake. These wedding cake designs were created by some of the best cake artists and will add the wow factor to your special day. These designs were chosen because they represent the couple’s personality and style, which is what makes the wedding special and memorable.

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